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Uniform shear model including atmospheric stability

version 1.3 (159 KB) by E. Cheynet
Numerical implementation of the uniform shear model including stability by Chougule et al. (2018)


Updated 28 Apr 2020

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The uniform shear model for non-neutral, atmospheric-boundary-layer turbulence by Chougule et al. (2018) [1] is here implemented in Matlab. The present implementation differs likely from the one used by ref. [1]. In particular, it relies on a more intuitive approach.

The present submission contains:

- The function ChouguleTurb that implements the spectral tensor of non-neutral, atmospheric-boundary-layer turbulence.
- An interactive example file Example.mlx that reproduces Fig. 1 in Chougule et al. [1]

This is the first version of the submission. Typos and bugs may still be present. Any comment, suggestion or question is welcomed.

[1] Chougule, A., Mann, J., Kelly, M., & Larsen, G. C. (2018). Simplification and validation of a spectral-tensor model for turbulence including atmospheric stability. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 167(3), 371-397.

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