Design an MPC for MPT photovoltaic fed DC-AC Converter

This project shares the idea of how to design and develop an MPC for a photovoltaic fed DC-AC converter
Aktualisiert 26. Jun 2019

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The main idea behind this project is to develop an MPC based method for maximum power tracking of a series of photovoltaic that feed a DC-AC converter. The converter is connected to the grid and controlled how to provide the requested reference current in spite of the grid alternations. Further FFT analysis proves that the generated AC voltage and the drawn AC current contain minimal THD.

The PV model and controller are adopted from the link follows:

Also, you might find the link below for the solar power converter:

Once, I have simulated the photovoltaic MPC system and the results were saved in (the duration is 12 hours with 1-second sample rate). Thus, you might simulate the converter system and observe how the fed voltage from the PV side is converted and fed to the grid.

Please do not hesitate to contact for any relevant question you may have.


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Mahdi Mansouri (2024). Design an MPC for MPT photovoltaic fed DC-AC Converter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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