The Secant Method

This Script Demonstrates the use of "The Secant Method " in solving the various Mathematical Equations.
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"The Secant Method" uses two initial approximations to solve a given equation y = f(x).In this method the function f(x) , is approximated by a secant line, whose equation is from the two initial approximations supplied.

The secant line then intersects the X - Axis at third point. This third point and the second point are the again used as two initial approximations to find the fourth point.

The script proceeds in the same way and performs upto 100 iterations. The Accuracy required
(required no. of decimal places) is taken as input from the user. The error between solutions of each iteration is checked every time and if found less than required accuracy, the iterations are stopped.

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अंबरीश प्रशांत चांदूरकर Ambarish Prashant Chandurkar (2024). The Secant Method (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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