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Angle between subspaces.
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SUBSPACE(A,B) finds the largest angle between two subspaces specified by the columns of A and B. If A and B are vectors of unit length, this is the same as COS(ABS(A'*B)) in exact arithmetic. This is a replacement for MATLAB's SUBSPACE.m Rev. 5.5-5.8 that fails to provide correct answers for angles smaller than e-8 and for Rev. 5.9- that fails to provide correct answers for angles close to pi/2.

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Andrew Knyazev (2024). subspace.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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License update to free software (BSD). Comments update.
added a conversion to a toolbox

The comments are updated to reflect the problems of the most recent MATLAB's SUBSPACE.m code.