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Makes 3D view interactions feel like what one would expect from a CAD package
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Intuitive manipulation of a figure using key and mouse gestures. Makes view interactions feel like what one would expect from a CAD package.
figure; surf(peaks(25); vcw; %After plotting
figure; vcw; %Before plotting
Users can specify the functionality for mouse buttons.

VCW is inspired by and similar to fcw function by Oliver Woodford. However vcw offers the following added features (including toolbar button):

1) handing of colorbars (bug in fcw when view(2) is used combined with panning which induced zooming and panning)
2) overobj based axes selection so that the current axes is determined based on mouse pointer location for most functions
3) A toggle button for activation and deactivation in the figure toolbar
4) ability to start vcw before objects are plotted
5) "proper" closure of the vcw widget, in fcw the q button did not exit the keyDown functions such as panning etc. Now the quit action deactivates the widget
6) Upon activation of the vcw widget the plotting and default view manipulation tools and buttons are disabled
(to avoid interference with vcw)
7) Added "linked" mode by using ALT button to alter views for all axes in figure uppon keypress
8) Altered keypress functions and behaviour with SHIFT (which now negates directions)
9) Added i key option to display help information.
10) Allows for saving of a new default view

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Kevin Moerman (2024). View Contol Widget (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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