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Run Length Encoding

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Run Length Encoding - Loss less Coding Technique


Updated 05 Jun 2014

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% rleenc - Run Length Encoding Algorithm
% rleenc - function performs run length encoding for binary input sequence.
% ins - input sequence
% enc - encoded output
% For example, x=randint(1,10,[0 1]);
% Will give you a random sequence
% having only zeros and ones.
% enc=rleenc(x);
% developed by Suraj Kamya
% contact me:

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Suraj Kamya (2021). Run Length Encoding (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (4)

Reem Abdel hameed

Richard Johnson

The function randint is in the Communications toolbox, so it may not be the best example.
Also the rleenc function has some issues:
>> x = [0 1 0 0];
>> rleenc(x)
ans =

Suraj Kamya

Dear it will produce the vector having zeros and ones. Please re-check it will not produce empty vector.

Rudolf Musin

x=randint(1,10,[0 1]);

produce a empty Vector

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