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A mock object library for MATLAB.

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Updated 17 Aug 2015

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I initially wrote MockObject to help me unit test code that connected to hardware devices using COM objects. By swapping in a mock for the actual COM object, I could could simulate any device behavior I wanted.

I've since used it to mock HTTP sessions as well, and it's probably useful wherever you want to mock out Something Big.


The MockObject class has two main features:

* It maintains a lookup table of function return values: for any function, for a specific function, or for a specific function with specific arguments
* It maintains a list of what methods were called, along with the arguments used.


See the example subdirectory for an example of how this would work.


MockObject will _probably_ run on any version of MATLAB back to R2008a. It certainly won't work on anything older, as it uses classdef-based classes.

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