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Git Matlab is a simple git wrapper allows the execution of git commands from within Matlab.
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This function provides a simple and clean interface to git. Not only does it execute git commands it also allows you to specify a which text editor should be launched in the case that one is needed by git.

% GIT - use GIT from matlab, using standard GIT commands
% Examples:
% % initialize a repository
% >> git init;
% % add a file to the repository
% >> git add myFile.m % begin tracking my_function.m
% % commit changes to the repository
% >> git commit myFile.m -m 'initial checkin of myFile.m'
% % push to another repository
% >> git push origin master
% Commands that require additionall input (such as commits without -m flags)
% will generally fail unless the environment variable EDITOR is defined. However,
% a preferred text editor can be specified within Matlab using the global
% variable GIT_EDITOR (Pro-tip: include this code in your startup.m file)
% For Example:
% Declare the global variable
% >> global GIT_EDITOR;
% For linux:
% >> GIT_EDITOR = '/path/to/editor'; % provide the complete path
% For Mac OSX:
% >> GIT_EDITOR = 'TextEdit'; % Simply provide the application name
% The most up to date version of this code can be found at:

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Stuart Layton (2024). Git Matlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Erstellt mit R2012b
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