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Generate a 3D mesh given a 3D curve and radii.


Updated 22 Aug 2011

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This program generates a cartesian mesh [x,y,z] from a 3D curve, and a vector of associated radii.

It takes four inputs, two of which are optional:
* P (3D curve) = 3xN matrix with each point of the curve given in correct order and columnwise.
* R (Radii) = 1xN vector with positive scalar corresponding to the radius at each point
- [opt] NBetween: defaults to 2. Can be used to smooth the variations of the radii on the mesh; the radii will automatically be interpolated if it is >2. It is equivalent to the length of the first parameter of 'cylinder' in Matlab.
- [opt] NArround: defaults to 20. Equivalent to the second parameter of 'cylinder' in Matlab.

Very fast computation of the mesh. Uses the 'cylinder' function of Matlab, as well as quaternions and spline interpolation.

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pandong pan

just cute! Could you explain the role of quaternions in the program in detail.

pandong pan


Peter Nave

Very useful!

bahar cham


Please rate if you downloaded it and you found it useful. J


Updated subtitle and description.

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