OpenCL Toolbox v0.17

OpenCL Toolbox for MATLAB
Updated 25 Jan 2011

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UPDATE: v0.15
- various bug fixes
- support for CPU/GPGPU devices
- additional device information provided in routine to fetch device information
- documented source code
- added destroy_buffer command to free sources
This is the first release of the OpenCL Toolbox for MATLAB. It is a simple interface that encapsulates clBuffer and clKernel as MATLAB class objects. It allows one to easily create device buffers, set device memory, compile and call kernel functions, etc.

A future release will override Matlab primitives (plus, minus, times, rdivide, etc.) so that knowledge of OpenCL coding will not be required.

This current release simplifies integration of OpenCL (.cl) files with MATLAB.

For example, to call a kernel in an OpenCL file is done as follows:

ocl = opencl();

global_workgroup_size = [128,0,0];
local_workgroup_size = [128,0,0];
addkernel = clkernel('add', global_workgroup_size, local_workgroup_size);

x = clobject(single(1:10));
y = clobject(single(11:20));
z = clobject(zeros(1,10, 'single'));

addkernel(x,y,z, uint32(10));

values = z.get();

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Radford Juang (2024). OpenCL Toolbox v0.17 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2010b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Version Published Release Notes

0.17: Added additional device information.
Bug fix: I had swapped the local and global dims.. (big oops).
Started adding matlab kernels

Updated description

Updated file to version 0.15. Updated description to explain update.

Updated name of license holder in Copyright owner field.