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Duplicates the output of Matlab function WHAT, with clickable links.
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When called without an argument from the command line, WHATS lists the M-Files, MAT-Files and FIG-Files in the current directory as click-able links. Clicking on an M-File name opens the M-File for editing. Clicking on a MAT-File name loads the data stored in the MAT-File. Clicking on a FIG-File opens the figure. A different directory path (other than the current directory) can also be passed to WHATS as an argument, causing WHATS to list the files in that directory, and allowing the user to open or load the respective files. See the screen-shot for an example that shows the difference between WHAT and WHATS. I put this in my path so I can call it from anywhere.

Tested on 6.5, 2006a, 2007a

Please email me about bugs or other concerns. Thanks.

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