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Number to Ordinal String Converter

version (546 Bytes) by Bill Higley
Converts an integer into its ordinal string.

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Updated 09 Jul 2002

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This function turns a number into an ordinal string, ie 1 becomes 'first', 2 becomes 'second'. After 'twentieth', the number is used with the appropriate 'st, 'nd', 'rd', or 'th'. Useful for instructionary dialog boxes, etc.

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Bill Higley (2020). Number to Ordinal String Converter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Of limited use because of several spelling mistakes ('eigth', 'twelvth') and a buggy algorithm:

>> num2ordstr(111)
ans = 111st
>> num2ordstr(112)
ans = 112nd
>> num2ordstr(113)
ans = 113rd

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Created with R12.1
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Inspired: ORDNUMSTR, Numeric to Ordinal-String