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Easily call any LAPACK or BLAS routine from inside Matlab.
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This package contains the command "lapack", which provides a simple interface to call any LAPACK or BLAS routine from inside Matlab, as well as the command "lapackhelp", which brings up detailed information about any LAPACK or BLAS routine.

A summary of the features include:
· Uses Matlab's internal LAPACK and BLAS libraries.
· Automatic argument type conversion (ie. converts arguments from Matlab types to FORTRAN types).
· Easy access to detailed descriptions about the behavior and arguments for every LAPACK and BLAS function
· Allows use of LAPACK and BLAS without any knowledge of MEX, C, or FORTRAN.

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Tim Toolan (2024). lapack (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Improved ease of use by adding internal prototypes and the ability to return the results in a cell array.
Added the command lapackhelp, which will bring up detailed information about any BLAS/LAPACK routine and its arguments from inside Matlab.