BEM Code for 2D Pulsating Cylinder

2-D Helmholtz Integral Equation code for computing sound pressure given by a pulsating cylinder.
Aktualisiert 24 Aug 2007

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This is the code for calculating solid angle C, surface pressure ps, and field pressure pf coming out from a pulsating cylinder with radius of r and normal velocity vn in an unbounded two dimensional acoustic domain using the solution of Helmholtz Integral Equation.

For verifying the calculation result, the code will also compare the calculation result with the analytical solution.

In case of non-uniqueness problem, for example at r = 1 m and f = 131 Hz, up to 10 CHIEF points can be implemented.

The code is written in a very simple and traditional way so that any beginner in MATLAB programming would be able to understand it easily.

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Agustinus Oey (2024). BEM Code for 2D Pulsating Cylinder (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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