Nutation Damper Animation

Symbolic derivation of the equations of motion of a viscous nutation damper and a function for animating the resulting motion.
Aktualisiert 9. Mai 2023

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Nutation dampers are passive devices that can damp out distrubances on spinning symmetric rigid bodies that are frequently used on spinning spacecraft. This package includes a symbolic derivation of the equations of motion of a viscous damper (based on the development in Kasdin & Paley, 2009), along with a function to generate an animation of the motion of a suddenly perturbed, spinning spacecraft. An example of the generated animation can be seen here:

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Dmitry Savransky (2024). Nutation Damper Animation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Erstellt mit R2023a
Kompatibel mit R2017a und späteren Versionen
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