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2D histogram: Extract the number of joint events - (x,y) data value pairs
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2D histogram: Extract the number of joint events - (x,y) data value pairs that fall in each bin of the grid defined by xedges and yedges.



which returns

1) N is a LENGTH(EDGES) vector, N(k) will count the value X(i) if EDGES(k) <= X(i) < EDGES(k+1). The last bin will count any values of X that match EDGES(end).

2) an index matrix BIN. If X is a vector, N(K) = SUM(BIN==K). BIN is zero for out of range values. If X is an m-by-n matrix, then, for j=1:n, N(K,j) = SUM(BIN(:,j)==K); end

Please, see the notes to HISTD too.

N.B. It is always a better idea to use the HISTC MEX (a much faster compiled C code) if you have it, then just replace the HISTD with HISTC in all calls contained in the hist2() .m function

Small print Note: There is a similar f/n - hist3 - in the R14 stats, but on top of everything else that makes it inaccessible, it looks looong

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