Three phase SPWM 2kW inverter with feedback control

3ph 2kW Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Inverter with PID feedback control, LCL, and fault protection Input: 100Vdc Output: 220Vac @ 60Hz
Aktualisiert 4 Okt 2021

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The design has two main parts, a DC boost converter is used in the beginning to boost the 100 Vdc source to around 350 Vdc, this value was selected in order to obtain an RMS AC value of around 220 V and make up for the losses (~12.5%)
The carrier signal was obtained using a sawtooth generator and three sine wave generators were used and their phases were shifted 120 degrees apart respectively.
The PID voltage feedback control signals the boost converter switch, and the overcurrent alarm relay is used as protection against currents equal to or greater than 20 A.
An LCL filter was used to minimize the Total Harmonics Distortion (THD% <1.4 @ Steady-State)
The inverter is rated at 2 kW with a Vac output of 220V @ 60Hz.
A 2 kW three phase load with an inductance (QL) of 100 and capacitive (QC) of 1000 values was used.

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Mohammed Saif (2021). Three phase 2kW SPWM inverter with feedback control (<...>),, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved October 4, 2021.

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