Problem 909. Image Processing 003: Interferometer Data Interpolation

This Challenge is to correct a 2-D Interferometer data set for drop-outs.

Interferometer data is notorious for drop-outs which result in values of zero.

Examples of Pre and Post WFE drop-out correction:

surf layed flat

3-D surf

Challenge WFE :Pre Drop-Out insertion


2-D square array representing surface z-values(NaNs in WFE array)

Corrupted data points(Drop-Outs) are represented by having the value 0.000


same size 2-D square array as input with Drop-Outs corrected, approximately.


TriScatteredInterp allows for interpolation onto a grid given a non-grid set of (x,y,z) points.

Follow-Up: Re-sampling to a grid, Convolving with an Optical Transfer Function and finally Calculating MTF

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