Problem 1238. PACMAT - Ghosts Random; 3 Lives

Created by Richard Zapor in Community

The Classic PACMAN game brought to Cody.

PACMAT Ghosts Random requires clearing the board of Yellow Dots while not bumping into the randomly moving ghosts in 3 lives. Adjacent Ghosts will capture PACMAT. Ghosts do not use the tunnel. On Ghost capture everyone gets reset.

To aid in development of your routine, a PACMAT_Ghosts.m file that creates a video has been posted at PACMAT_Ghosts_001.m. (Right click, 'save link as'). Using patches (not sprites).

Alfonso PACMAT Random Ghost Video (MP4: Left click and Windows Media Player)

Alfonso's Enhanced Ghost Avoider (MP4)

The reference solution uses Alfonso's Local Optimum Algorithm with a Catch.

Inputs: Map Definitions: -1=Wall, 0=Empty, 1=Dot, 2=PACMAT, >2=Ghost

Output: Direction Definitions: 1-Up, 2-Right, 3-Down, 4-Left, 0-No move

Scoring: Total # of Moves to Clear the Yellow Dots +(LivesRemaining-3)*100

Near Future: Ghosts will get brighter.

Future: Player will be Team Ghosts versus PACMAT_BOT

Solution Stats

80.77% Correct | 19.23% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Mar 15, 2019

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