Memory usage limitation for standalone Matlab app designer Apps using Matlab Compiler

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Hi all,
I have a simple question which need a simple answer (i hope i will not hear the can't be done answer as i am expecting it):
i am making an app in matlab App designer and then converting it to EXE file to run on client computer. the problem as as above i need somehow to dynamiclly control the memory usage of my EXE app according to available physical memory of my client. can i do this?
my goal is to simply limit the available memory to my Matlab EXE app to lets say 80% client system physical memory. is it possible?
I have already tried the Matlab Workspace in Preferences option and did not work for me. (the code is too big to change now, and that is why i dont want to change the code if possible. my bottleneck is FFT calculation on a matrix of about /this may change/ 3000000x6 which as you can see i know but i dont if possible want to change)
Thanks for the support
Best Regards

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