Symbolic Math Toolbox VS MuPAD: example in advance of the first?

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>> simplify(exp(log10(x)))
ans =
simplify(exp(log(10,x)), ln)
No effect. How to force MuPAD to simplify truely? I used consider MATLAB Simb.Tbx as a reduced version of MuPAD? That is -- MATLAB calls the MuPAD functions...

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 7 Jun. 2011
This is as documented here
Mathematically, log(b, b^y) = y holds true for any real y. This simplification is implemented for the following cases: i) b is a symbolic (indexed) identifier and y is of type Type::Real, ii) b is numerical and y is integer or rational.
Note that arithmetical rules such as log(b, x*y) = log(b, x) + log(b, y) are not valid throughout the complex plane. Use properties to mark identifiers as real and apply functions such as expand or simplify to manipulate expressions involving log. Cf. example 4.
So you could possibly use
simplify(exp(log(10,x))) assuming x::real
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 7 Jun. 2011
Might have to be x::Real perhaps, instead of x::real
Igor am 7 Jun. 2011
But Log of complex value may be account like sin() with periodic term.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva am 6 Jun. 2011
syms x

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov am 6 Jun. 2011
in MuPAD

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