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Reading data into a structure

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Edward am 26 Sep. 2013
Beantwortet: Walter Roberson am 26 Sep. 2013
Hi, im reading the file:
26/09/2013,16:04:40 2412 928.0 49.94930
25/09/2013,14:24:30 2412 914.0 -999999
fid = fopen('/path/to/your/file.txt', 'rt');
output = textscan(fid, '%s %s %f %f %f', 'Delimiter', ' ,');
now i want to read this into an array of structures s. I have tried using the following: = output{1};
s.time = output{2};
however this gives me size(s) = 1 (a single structure with arrays of dates and times as members) I would prefer to have an array of structures each with a single date and time. Is this possible?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 26 Sep. 2013
[s{1>length(output{1})}.date] = [output{1}{:}];
[s{:}.time] = [output{2}{:}];

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek am 26 Sep. 2013
Bearbeitet: Azzi Abdelmalek am 26 Sep. 2013
%That's what you have
s =
date: [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]
%and you want
s =
1x10 struct array with fields:


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