How do I filter time data from excel columns, where the values are numerical and the columns are character named?

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I'm trying to create a code that will filter eyelink fixations (labeled IA_FIRST_SACCADE_START_TIME) that took place before the stimulus onset (time). I've tried creating a variable that will only use the columns I need (6 and 8) like so
fixation = raw(6:8)
but it only outputs an array of 3 12s like so
[{12} {12} {12}]
I also tried creating a for loop as
for (i=='time'> 0) in raw %there was a stimulus present
if (i== 'time'> 0)
but I get the error for invalid use of operator
Finally, I've tried creating an indexed variable like
data=raw('time'>=0 && ('FIRST_SACCADE_START_TIME'>='time'==||));
but that comes out with another invalid use of operator error too
What should I do to make this work? Any help at all would be appreciated

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 16 Jul 2021
Edited: Simon Chan on 16 Jul 2021
Better to look at the usage of those data import function used in MATLAB.
I use readcell in this case.
rawdata=readcell('RES_IAS (1).xlsx'); % Use readcell to read all data
data=rawdata(:,6:8); % Extract 6th to 8th column
header = rawdata(1,6:8); % Extract the headers
Start_time = cell2mat(data(2:end,1)); % Convert to a matrix for data in column 6
time = cell2mat(data(2:end,3)); % Convert to a matrix for data in column 8
idx1=Start_time>time; % Find index for Start_time > time
result = [Start_time(idx1) time(idx1)]; % This is the result you may want in matrix form
plot(Start_time(idx1)) % Plot the Start_time
hold on
plot(time(idx1)) % Plot the time
legend(header{1},header{3}) % Legend

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