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How to split table in new tables

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Dion Theunissen
Dion Theunissen am 1 Jul. 2021
Beantwortet: KSSV am 1 Jul. 2021
I have a table like this:
I want to splits this table in new tables based on the triggertype. I want to select the rows from ignition on till ignition off. From those rows i want to save a new table.
So in the screenshot above i want to make a table from row 6 till row 11, row 16 till the next row where ignition off is available.
Can anyone help me with this?

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KSSV am 1 Jul. 2021
Let T be your table.
idx0 = find(strcmp(T.(2),'IGNITION_ON')) ;
idx1 = find(strcmp(T.(2),'IGNITION_OFF')) ;
T1 = T(idx0(1):idx1(1),:)

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