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How do I manage stacking of the two apps (say Main app and a Secondary app) in Matlab app designer?

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I have created two apps, A and B. A acts as the main app while B as the secondary one. B is called from within A and appears when A executes. Basically, I want app B to act as a dialog box and to appear at the begining when app A is ready. I expect this to be working properly if I could call app B through StartFcn in the app A. When I do this, app B certainly appears at the begining but soon sent at the back, which is annoying. Can anybody please help with that? Is it possible to keep appB at the front (onto appA)?

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Dinesh Kavalakuntla
Dinesh Kavalakuntla am 6 Aug. 2021
Hi Raju,
I understand that you are trying to stack two apps where the secondary app should always be at front. I see 'B' is the secondary app in your case.
You can set the WindowStyle property of secondary app's (App B in your case) UIFigure to 'modal'. This should ensure that App B stays on top of App A.


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