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Solver interface needed for MIQP problem Gurobi/MATLAB

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Hi all,
I am somewhat new to using Gurobi and MATLAB and I had a question regarding which solver interface to use for solving an MIQP problem using MATLAB and Gurobi as a solver. I have already successfully solved some MILP problems using the intlinprog function in MATLAB (and Gurobi as a solver). However, no such simple function for solving MIQP's exist in MATLAB (or the optimization toolbox). Which function or interface should I use and how do I go about this?

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Roberto Tumolo
Roberto Tumolo am 5 Aug. 2021
I suggest you to use CVX directly, it's an easy and yet very powerful tool to use. By the way, how could you solve your MILP problem, precisely, using Gurobi as solver?

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