Extract columns from an image

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Sara am 21 Jun. 2021
Kommentiert: Sara am 14 Jul. 2021
I work in image analysis, and the program that I work on is doing the following 2D / 3D image profile. I could do that, but I need to scatter one column in the image or one row in the image I mean by scattering is scattering the intensiy maximum only in either the column or row . So I want to extract one column or one row.
One of the suggestions that I worked on is using ginput to select the column intensities then scattering, which is works but is not an accurate method.
Another method that I worked on is using the result of find peaks function from the plot of image profile of the column or row but that does not help :)
Last mothed is using imregionalmax and manually reading all the pixels then scattering the result. It is time-consuming.
Any suggestions that may help
Thank you,
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Sara am 14 Jul. 2021
I have solved the issue.
I did thresholding to the image, crop the columns or rows that I want, then threshold the cropped image, then scatter the result.
It is not a perfect answer, but it does the job. If anyone has other answers, please post them here for the public.
Thank you,

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