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Hey everyone, I have a 870 images from 29 different classes and each class has 30 images in sequential number from 1 to 30, following this pattern NameOfTheImage_1-30. What I want to do is to open and then convert all of the images, automatically one by one, into grayscale. Can you help me with that? The codes from here are somehow usefull but not for my case (I think).

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Krishna Sutar
Krishna Sutar on 15 Jun 2021
From my understanding you want to open multiple images from multiple classes. Here is the code which might help you:
for class = 1:29
for a = 1:30
filename = ['Parent folder/class' num2str(class,'%d') '/NameofTheImage_' num2str(a,'%d') '.PNG'];
img{class,a} = imread(filename);
% Processing

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KSSV on 15 Jun 2021
Img = dir('*.png') ; % give your extension of images
N = length(Img) ;
for i = 1:N
thisImg = Img(i).name ;
I = imread(thisImg) ;
Ig = rgb2gray(I) ;
% do what you want




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