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Create an string array with strings having both char and numbers

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Could you help me in creating a string array with strings containing characters and numbers in a sorted manner
I want to create a string array with strings {"Analysis_1", "Analysis_2", "Analysis_3", "Analysis_4", ......, "Analysis_n"}
The values of 'n' should be defined in way that it can be varied by the user.

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David Hill
David Hill am 8 Jun. 2021
for n=1:25;

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 8 Jun. 2021
n = 5;
S = "Analysis_" + (1:n)
S = 1×5 string array
"Analysis_1" "Analysis_2" "Analysis_3" "Analysis_4" "Analysis_5"
You can also use implicit expansion to make an array if you so desired.
fruits = ["apple"; "banana"; "cherry"]
fruits = 3×1 string array
"apple" "banana" "cherry"
quantity = 1:4;
market = fruits + "_" + quantity
market = 3×4 string array
"apple_1" "apple_2" "apple_3" "apple_4" "banana_1" "banana_2" "banana_3" "banana_4" "cherry_1" "cherry_2" "cherry_3" "cherry_4"


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