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wordcloud error and failure to update wordcloud

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Nicholas Ang
Nicholas Ang am 7 Jun. 2021
Beantwortet: Chetan am 2 Mai 2024
Hi, I have received an error while trying out an example in MATLAB. It appears that the wordcloud function is not working despite reinstalling the toolbox. There is no other .m file that takes precedence. May I know how to resolve this? Thanks!

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Chetan am 2 Mai 2024
It seems like you're experiencing an issue where the `wordcloud` function in MATLAB isn't working, even after reinstalling the toolbox, with no conflicting `.m` files present.
To resolve the `wordcloud` function issue, try the following steps:
  1. Check MATLAB Version: Ensure you're using MATLAB R2017b or later, as `wordcloud` was introduced in R2017b.
  2. Verify Toolbox Installation: Use `ver` in MATLAB to check if the Text Analytics Toolbox is installed and licensed.
  3. Path Conflicts: Run `which wordcloud -all` to ensure there are no path conflicts with the `wordcloud` function.
  4. Test Toolbox: Try other functions from the Text Analytics Toolbox to check its installation integrity.
  5. Reset MATLAB Path: Go to Home > Environment > Set Path > Default, to reset MATLAB's path to its default state.
  6. Reinstall Toolbox: If issues persist, uninstall and then reinstall the Text Analytics Toolbox, following MathWorks' official guidelines
Refer to the following MathWork Documentation for more details:


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