ode45 invalid call to script octave 6.1.0(GUI)

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Imene Yed
Imene Yed on 22 May 2021
Commented: Imene Yed on 22 May 2021
I'm trying to run a program of a big system of odes with 43 equations and 165 constants,here is a preview of my code:
script1:I called it imene99
function npoint=imene99(t,n,k1,k2,k3,k4,k5,k6,k7,k8,k9,k10,k11,k12,k13,k14,k15,k16,k17,k18,k...)
%chemin réactionnels
npoint= [k1*n(2)*n(42)+k15*n(5)*n(9)+k16*n(5)*n(26)+k25*n(4)*n(26)+k29*n(4)*n(9)+k33*n(4)*n(11)+......)
script 2 :I called it call_imene99
I put my constants there
%costantes :
k1=2.36 *(1e-12)*(T/300)^(-0.29)*exp(17.60/T)
k2 =3.24 *(1e-12) *(T/300)^(-0.66)
k3=3.50 *(1e-12)*(T/300)^(-0.53)* exp(3.20/T)
%initial conditions
IC=[IC1 IC2 IC3 IC4 IC5 IC6 IC7 IC8 IC9 IC10 IC11 ..... IC43]
t0 = 0;
tf = 1E-7;
t1 = 5E-12;
[t,x]=ode45('imene99',[0 5E-12 1E-7],IC)
error: invalid call to script C:\Users\lenovo\imene99.m
error: called from
starting_stepsize at line 53 column 5
ode45 at line 196 column 25
call_imene99 at line 205 column 8

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