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How to select target for Embedded Coder / Matlab Coder

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Ali am 21 Jul. 2013
I am using Matlab Coder to generate C code for an algorithm I have.
I also have Embedded Coder on this computer. The documentation on matworks shows how to choose a target in case of using Simulink, but what about Matlab? The buil options does not contain anything related to selecting targets.
If it matters, my target will be TI's sitara am335x (ARM Cortex A8-based).

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston am 23 Jul. 2013
You can achieve this simply by using the project interface. Create a new project:
coder -new myProj.prj
In the UI which opens click on the tab which says "Build" and set the output type to Static Library, Shared Library or Executable.
Then, click on the settings button in the top right corner (the gray gear) and navigate to the hardware pane. In this pane you can choose the Code Replacement Library for your target.
In the pane below this you can choose the device vendor and device type.
After that, add files and define inputs as shown in the doc:

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