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Trouble finding the app on Windows 10, which was created on Mac and shared!

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Hello all,
I have generated an app from the matlab app designer using complier on Mac but when I transfer that to Winows 10 and try to access the app, I see a folder with different file extensions instead the actual version/app.
Can anybody help with that? Where am I doing it wrong?

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Shiva Kalyan Diwakaruni
Shiva Kalyan Diwakaruni am 12 Mai 2021
MATLAB compiler generated files are not cross platform compatible. The OS on which the files are developed should match with the OS where the files are used. So you have to use MATLAB compiler to generate files on Windows to be able to use on Windows OS, similarly for Linux and windows
Hope it helps.
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Raju Kumar
Raju Kumar am 13 Mai 2021
Hi Shiva,
Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right. I figured it out later. I have just asked a new question. Would you please give a look and see if you can answer? Thanks in advance.
Raju Kumar
Raju Kumar am 13 Mai 2021
Here is the link:

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