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How to deploy Machine learning model to ARM Cortex - 32 bit Microcontrollers ?

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Hello Team,
Thanks a lot for free introductory courses on Machine learning and Deep Learning.
Need info on how to deploy Machine learning model on my ARM CORTEX - 32 bit Microcontroller, i have below querries-:
1.) Is there any tools available in MATLAB to make models faster and smaller(Model Optmization)?
2.) How to convert a ML Model to C array or .c, .h files to integarte/compile them along with my project written in C?t
Need your help to clarify above querries ASAP, will be of great help.
Thank You
Deep Singh

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Divya Gaddipati
Divya Gaddipati am 13 Mai 2021
To answer you queries:
1. For model optimization, you can refer to the Deep Network Quantizer, which also shows how to generate C++ code to deploy the quantized network to an ARM Cortex-A microcontroller using MATLAB Coder. This link on code generation might be of help.
2. You can also refer to this example to know about code generation for an ML model.

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