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How to turn off Java Error Notifications

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Matthew am 13 Jul. 2013
Kommentiert: Matthew am 12 Jan. 2017
Summary: Java Error notifications are filling up the matlab diary to the tune of hundreds of megabytes over the course of a long program running.
In a compiled program I'm saving the entire workspace out. Unfortunately, deep in some of the structures being saved out, there are objects which can not be saved correctly, and so java errors are thrown every time the save function is called. This does not disrupt the save function from saving the rest of the data properly, but it does result in error notifications being printed out to the matlab diary for the program.
Is there a way to turn the error notifications off for Java Errors?
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Matthew am 15 Jul. 2013
Note that this is being done for debug purposes, so writing a savefunction which automatically filters out the unsavable variables isn't preferable.
Matthew am 12 Jan. 2017
To anyone searching for answers on this question Yair Altman wrote a piece on this last year. It gives some tips for dealing with the errors, but sadly did not completely solve the issue.

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