Write 32-bit float Simulink variable to file?

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I am running a Simulink sinulation.
I'd like to capture a 32-bit float variable to file.
It would be a simple binary raw file with no header, but just 32-bit float values inside file.

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 13 May 2021
Hi Danijel,
There is a Simulink block called Binary File writer which can be used to write binary files. You can go through the documentation link here for further details on how this block works.
In case you are working with a variable which is not 32-bit float but want to convert it to a 32-bit float value, you can use the data type conversion block for typecasting the variable to a single data type which is a 32-bit single-precision floating point number according to IEEE Standard 754. You can refer to the link here for the documentation on the data type conversion block.
Hope this helps!


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