Digraph with a single constrained axis

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I would like to visualize a 2-D graph where one dimension (x) is known. I would Matlab to optimize the other dimension automatically. Unfortunately, when specifying coordinates (xdata, ydata) both coordinates must be provided. Is there a work around where I could only specify xdata and the y-coordinate would be optimized algorithmically?

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Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 23 Apr 2021
All algorithms for graph visualization that I'm aware of will compute both x and y (and sometimes z) coordinates for the nodes. The best I can suggest is to just use random numbers for the other axis.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 23 Apr 2021
Are you trying to create some sort of horizontal flowchart? If so them perhaps using the 'layered' layout with the 'Direction' option will help you.
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ASC on 23 Apr 2021
I am trying to do something like this. The layered options work (pretty) well but I would like something better. I want to constrain each data point on one dimension.

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