Matlab Coder with RTMaps | Coder when doing object detection in Matlab

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I am trying to test the Matlab exmaple on Object detection (and Tracking) from a point cloud to track/object list - I only test the segmentation/detection part.
I want to use this in a more general way to accept any sensor data (I got this to work in Matlab) and want to use it to build a custom block in RTMaps.
There seem to be two possibilities regarding the build procedure. Either Matlab Coder to C++, then manually editing the function into a class that fits the RTMaps SDK and build it with CMake to an RTMaps .pck or using the Matlab/Simulink TLC target coder from RTMaps that converts the Matlab function into a Simulink model and then coding into C++ and building as .pck in one "seamless" move. However, I am not sure if the "automatic" way is so easy, since I am having quite some trouble with making the Matlab Coder happy. I want to use a pointcloud as input and a detection/object list as an array or struct as an output.
Since I don't want to spend too much time in either direction (manual editing and building or via RTMaps TLC) I would like to know if someone alreday made some experience regarding RTMaps custom block developement through Matlab?
Which way is cleaner?

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