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How to add constraints to simulannealbnd minimization

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Ole on 14 Apr 2021
Commented: Ole on 14 Apr 2021
How to add constraint to minimization problem?
Simply x(3) >10*x(4)
ConstraintFunction = @simple_constraint; %constraint here does not affect minimization
hybridopts = optimoptions('fmincon','OptimalityTolerance',1e-14);
options = optimoptions(@simulannealbnd,'InitialTemperature',[1e4 1e4 1e4 1e4 ],...
options.ReannealInterval = 400;
[x,fval] = simulannealbnd(ObjectiveFunction,X0,LB,UB,options);
function [c, ceq] = simple_constraint(x)
c = [-x(3) + 10*x(4)];
% c = [];
ceq = [];

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Apr 2021
You cannot add constraints directly. However you can set AnnealingFcn to the handle of a function that only generates points that meet the constraints.
Alternately you could permit those points to be generated, but set the AcceptanceFcn to reject them.

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