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Cannot select ARM Cortex-A code replacement library

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Gabriel Roper
Gabriel Roper am 12 Apr. 2021
I have a project that is using MATLAB Coder to convert to C++. In the configuration settings for MATLAB Coder, I can select a Code Replacement Library to replace certain functions calls with better library calls.
However, when I configure my project to build for an ARM Cortex-A system (Whether that be a NVIDIA Jetson, a Raspberry Pi, or a generic ARM Cortex A), I do not have the option to select the ARM Cortex-A Code replacement library. I know this is an options as it is mentioned in the MATLAB Embedded Coder release notes for R2021a.
The only options that I see are
  • GNU C99 Extensions
  • AUTOSAR 4.0
How do I use the ARM Cortex-A Code replacement library?
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Matthew DiBello
Matthew DiBello am 18 Mai 2022
Bearbeitet: Matthew DiBello am 18 Mai 2022
The code replacement library "GCC ARM Cortex-A" can only be used when for C code generation ("C99 (ISO)" or "C89/C90 (ANSI)").
I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this limitation. For more information about this CRL, please see this documentation page:
Marc-André Beyer
Marc-André Beyer am 19 Mai 2022
ok thank you for the support.
Best, Marc

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