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How to incorporate Intel MKL with Matlab R2012b

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Jeena am 19 Jun. 2013
Geschlossen: Sabin am 24 Dez. 2022
Hi all,
I am working with a Matlab code and needs to handle large sparse systems. i have to take perform Mathematical operations like 'inverse', eigen value computation etc on these sparse systems. While using the inbuilt Matlab functions like 'inv()' and 'eig()', I ended up in getting memory issues and the program takes so much time to finish the analysis.
This forces me to consider incorporating Intel MKL library functions to my code. I couldn't find a proper help to do so. I have seen certain procedures described for Matlab R2010a version
But I couldn't find any information for using MKL with Matlab R2012b. Can anyone help me with this regard ?

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