Is the margin between the Axes' Position and OuterPosition uncontrollable?

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When I run the following code, the result is as shown in the attached image (margins are filled in with Paint for clarity). Is it possible to adjust the height and width of the OuterPostion to the same height and width of the TightInset to eliminate unnecessary margins?
ax = gca;

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Akiko am 8 Apr. 2021
You can refer the following documentation.
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ax = gca;
outerpos = ax.OuterPosition;
ti = ax.TightInset;
left = outerpos(1) + ti(1);
bottom = outerpos(2) + ti(2);
ax_width = outerpos(3) - ti(1) - ti(3);
ax_height = outerpos(4) - ti(2) - ti(4);
ax.Position = [left bottom ax_width ax_height];

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