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How can I implement JointWorldCoordinates in matlab file for Kinect

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Laila Kazemi
Laila Kazemi am 10 Jun. 2013
im trying to use metaDataDepth.JointWorldCoordinates(:,:,1) line from matlab kinect tutorial but it gives me the following error:
Field reference for multiple structure elements that is followed by more reference blocks is an error.
Error in skeleton_tracking (line 70) metaDataDepth.JointWorldCoordinates(:,:,1)
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Monika am 3 Aug. 2013
Bearbeitet: Monika am 3 Aug. 2013
It is because your "metaDataDepth" matrix contains many frames. You should use metaDataDepth(i).JointWorldCoordinates(:,:,1) where i is the index of your frame.

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