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Install MATLAB Runtime (MCR) with specified products

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Anders Simonsen
Anders Simonsen am 24 Mär. 2021
Bearbeitet: Victor am 17 Jul. 2023
Is it possible to install MATLAB Runtime with selected products only? By default the installer will install ALL products, where I only need a few of these.
I'm installing the runtime using the silent mode in Ubuntu. When installing MATLAB you can use an installer_input.txt file, where you can select the products to be installed. However, this doesn't seem to be working for the runtime installer (I've tried), although it is possible to use a installer_input.txt file for the runtime installer.
On the documentation page for the runtime installer it states:
However, this doens't seem to be the case, as I can't find any installer_input.txt "templates" in the downloaded runtime files from (I'm thinking this template file might be able to help me, but I can't seem to find it anywhere)
Kind regards Anders

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amit lipman
amit lipman am 8 Nov. 2021
I've attached the installer_input.txt file.
I hope it will help!
Amit Lipman
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Valery Polyakov
Valery Polyakov am 17 Jan. 2023
@Jerome Blum, I can't confirm that, I haven't tried R2022b yet. Isn't it remarkable that Mathworks won't make this information readily available?
Jerome Blum
Jerome Blum am 17 Jan. 2023
@Valery Polyakov Indeed, it is. I have created my own question here, feel free to follow the thread if you're interested.

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Valery Polyakov
Valery Polyakov am 17 Jan. 2023
Well. Where Mathworks failed, ChatGPT seems to have succeeded. I tried it, just for grins, and it looks like this might be the answer we need, although that doesn't tell you the keywords to use for each component.
(My query was "How can I install only a minimal subset of matlab compiler runtime using linux command-line installer?" followed by "And what is the format of such an input file in the case of version 2022b?"
The format of the response file for a silent installation of the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) version 2022b is a plain text file that contains the options and values that you want to use for the installation. The file must contain one option and value per line, in the format -option value.
For example, to specify that you want to install the MCR runtime and the runtime libraries for a silent installation to the directory /usr/local/mcr/v92, you would create a response file with the following contents:
-mode silent
-agreeToLicense yes
-destinationFolder /usr/local/mcr/v92
-component runtime
-component libmwservices
You would then run the installer command with the -inputFile option to specify the response file:
./install -inputFile mcr_installer_options.txt
It's important to note that options you specify in the response file will overwrite options passed in the command line, so you should only include the options that you want to set in the response file.
You can find more information about response file and the available options for silent installation in the Mathworks website.
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Valery Polyakov
Valery Polyakov am 17 Jan. 2023
I have just finally found out (from chatGPT) how to specify the names of the toolboxes. Here's, for example, Optimization Toolbox:
-include 'Optimization_Toolbox'
Jim Hamilton
Jim Hamilton am 6 Apr. 2023
If I want to only install two toolboxes, would this work in Linux?
./install -mode silent -agreeToLicense yes -install 'Optimization_Toolbox' -install 'Image_Processing_Toolbox'

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Victor am 17 Jul. 2023
Bearbeitet: Victor am 17 Jul. 2023
This is a bit hacky way to install selected add-ons only:
ls archives/mwcontents_* archives/productdata_* | grep -Ev 'Python99|Numerics99|Core99|MATLAB_Runtime99|DSP_System_Toolbox' | xargs rm &&
./install -destinationFolder /opt/mcr -agreeToLicense yes -mode silent
Basically, Matlab looks into archives/mwcontents_* and archives/productdata_* files to get available components. The command above deletes all component files besides listed by the grep command. Than Matlab installs only listed components.
Complete Matlab installation script:
mkdir /mcr-install && \
mkdir /opt/mcr && \
cd /mcr-install && \
wget && \
unzip -q && \
ls archives/mwcontents_* archives/productdata_* | grep -Ev 'Python99|Numerics99|Core99|MATLAB_Runtime99|DSP_System_Toolbox|Signal_Processing_Toolbox|Statistics_and_Machine_Learning_Toolbox' | xargs rm && \
./install -destinationFolder /opt/mcr -agreeToLicense yes -mode silent && \
rm -rf /mcr-install


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