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How to use pcshow in a gui (AppDesign)

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TheDave am 25 Feb. 2021
Geschlossen: Rik am 25 Feb. 2021
Hi you all!
I would need to use pcshow in a GUI (app design). I tried something like this:
p=pcshow(app.UIAxes, [ptCloud.vertex.x ptCloud.vertex.y ptCloud.vertex.z], ptCloud.vertex.Scalar);
and this:
p=pcshow([ptCloud.vertex.x ptCloud.vertex.y ptCloud.vertex.z], ptCloud.vertex.GKI,'Parent',app.UIAxes);
but it doesn't work.
I also tried scatter3 to view my pointcloud:
p=scatter3(ptCloud.vertex.x, ptCloud.vertex.y ,ptCloud.vertex.z,36, ptCloud.vertex.Scalar,'Parent',app.UIAxes);
but it does not work either (the app crashes without giving me any error with this last one).
How can I pass the app.UIAxes? Is there a guide to learn by myself?
Thank you in advance
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Rik am 25 Feb. 2021
I suspect this is an attempt at getting your question past the spam filter. I'm closing it as a duplicate.

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