How to calculate the mean of an interval (from a vector) in a loop?

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Paul Hinze
Paul Hinze am 27 Jan. 2021
Beantwortet: Shashank Gupta am 3 Feb. 2021
I would like to calculate the mean in intervals of the vector total_sync_spk, but i dont know how to do it. My idea when doing it manually looks like this:
mean(total_sync_spk(11:20)) and so on ...
This is my script:
all_means = [];
all_stds = [];
total_sync_spk = [];
for Gsyn = 0:2:20
for i = 1:10
[spt1, spt2] = IFcoupling(300, 300, Vth1, Vth2, ...
Tref1, Tref2, Esyn1, Esyn2, Gsyn, Gsyn, stim_time, dt);
[Nco, xidx, yidx] = coincidenceCounterSophisticated(spt1,spt2,0.25);
total_sync_spk = [total_sync_spk Nco];
a_means = mean(total_sync_spk);
all_means = [all_means a_means];
a_stds = std(total_sync_spk);
all_stds = [all_stds a_stds];
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE am 27 Jan. 2021
hello Paul
first, you could probably index the all_means and all_stds (vectors) instead of doing concatenation, I mean in the outer loop :
all_means(Gsyn) = mean(total_sync_spk);
instead of the 2 lines
a_means = mean(total_sync_spk);
all_means = [all_means a_means];
then you can define an output for each individual segment like :
all_means1(Gsyn) = mean(total_sync_spk(1:10));
all_means2(Gsyn) = mean(total_sync_spk(11:20));
but this could be expanded in more generic way using another for loop (how many indexes ?)

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Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta am 3 Feb. 2021
Hi Paul,
There is one more convenient way of doing this, you can reshape your array in a matrix of shape (rows,10) such that each column i contains total_sync_spk(i:i+10) and then call the mean function column wise and it will do your job. I can attach a small peice of code for your reference.
% Generate an array.
arr = 1:100';
% Reshape the array in (some_rows,10) format.
arr_reshape = reshape(arr,10,10);
% Take the mean column wise.
mean_arr_reshape = mean(arr_reshape,1);
I hope this helps.


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