How to deal with the missing information on vmrk file?

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I'm conducting a psychological experiment using EEG. I'm analyzing EEG data with Psychotoolbox on MATLAB (not BrainVIsionAnalyzer) When I did preprocessing, I found 2 trials' data of "Position in data points" on vmrk file are missing as follows. (There should be MK116~121)
Mk112=Stimulus,S 4,4051572,1,0
Mk113=Stimulus,S 1,4127399,1,0
Mk114=Stimulus,S 2,4144879,1,0
Mk115=Stimulus,S 4,4164386,1,0
So I added like this,
Mk116=Stimulus,S 1,NaN,1,0
Mk117=Stimulus,S 2,NaN,1,0
Mk118=Stimulus,S 4,NaN,1,0
Mk119=Stimulus,S 1,NaN,1,0
Mk120=Stimulus,S 2,NaN,1,0
Mk121=Stimulus,S 4,NaN,1,0
But it didn't work.
How should I deal with the missing information?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Jan 2021
Edited: Walter Roberson on 26 Jan 2021
There is no support for defining markers as existing but at some undefined point. If the marker does not have a specific position then it must not appear in the file.
If there are places in the file that have garbage signal but you know where, then use a Bad Interval marker.
If you paused recording, started a new experiment, or the like, and that is the reason for irregularities in the file then use a New Segment marker.

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