Live Editor fails displaying myObject

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royk am 18 Jan. 2021
Kommentiert: krishan Gopal am 9 Dez. 2021
I have a handle class myClass which overloads disp, size, isempty and subsref.
An object myObject=myClass won't display in Live Editor.
I am getting the following error:
Warning: Error occured while executing the listener callback for event FLUSH_OUTPUTS defined for class matlab.internal.editor.OutputsManager: Conversion to logical from myClass is not possible.
I would note the myObject does display just fine in the Matlab console. It also displays well in Live Editor of older Matlab versions (2019). The error only occurs in Live Editor of 2020a/b.
any thoughts?
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royk am 23 Apr. 2021
I have already figured it out.
It seems that these issues occur if the class is overloading any of the following methods:
size, isempty, isscalar, numel
with an implementation that does not produce a numeric/logical value

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krishan Gopal
krishan Gopal am 8 Dez. 2021
Sir, can you tell me how you resolve the issue
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krishan Gopal
krishan Gopal am 9 Dez. 2021
Sir thankyou for your answer. But i'm beginner still & not ble to identify how to excute this command. if possible can you please suggest me , how to do it

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