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Why are these MATLAB Functions Called?

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We use MATLAB as the implementation language for functional prototyping of both hardware and software. In the Profiler data from execution of a scientific application, there are entries for:
  • num2str
  • strcat
  • int2str
  • blanks
The above routines are called for each reference to other routines we wrote, in For loops. The problem: these routines consume a significant amount of Total time. Also, Self time for the individual routines is significant.
What is the function of these routines? Can you recommend options for reducing their impact on application performance? Thanks for your assistance

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Jan 2021

num2str() and int2str() should be replaced with sprintf() unless you need the behavior of automatically formatting arrays.

I am not sure there is anything faster than blanks. Possibly the obscure char.empty()

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Evans Harrigan
Evans Harrigan on 20 Jan 2021
Thanks for your advice. Since we need the capability of automatically formatting arrays in some segments of application, more analysis is in progress.

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