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How to Use?: New "Name=Value" Syntax for 2021a

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Nate Fulbright
Nate Fulbright am 29 Dez. 2020
Geschlossen: Walter Roberson am 29 Dez. 2020
The release notes for 2021a specify a new language/programming feature called "Name=Value" syntax. The description is:
"Name=Value Syntax: Use name=value syntax for passing name-value arguments"
I'm curious how exactly this will work. For example, would a current command like:
now be able to be written as:
This is mostly a question out of curiousity. I think the feature could make deciphering long name-value pair lists a little easier.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza am 29 Dez. 2020
I don't have access to R2021a, but I guess it is supposed to be something like this


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